Yorkie puppy attack my baby boy.
  • 17.06.2022
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Why Does a Yorkie Puppy Attack My Baby Boy? It is a frightening experience when a Yorkie puppy nudges your baby, or attacks your baby. The baby is not yet fully aware of the danger, and so the puppy approaches and licks the baby's face. The puppy thought he was encouraging the baby to play with him, but the baby was too young to grasp this message. The first thing to do when a Yorkie puppy starts to nip your child is to train them to sit, stay, and leave it. This small breed has many common problems, and a Yorkie puppy is no exception. This tiny breed is often overly-dependent on its main carer. However, if he or she is properly socialized, they will be happy to see other people, especially children. However, an overly-dependent yorkie may develop separation anxiety. This is especially dangerous if the dog has been abused, or if the owner has an unstable environment. Some unscrupulous breeders may sell "pure-bred" Yorkies but really only sell crosses or mixed-breed dogs. To distinguish between these types of breeders, you can ask for DNA tests and health certifications. If you see the health certification, it is likely a Yorkie puppy. You can also ask for a veterinary referral. The more reputable breeders should have a website for you to access their veterinary records.

Happy Yorkie mom adorably plays with her puppies
  • 28.04.2022
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Happy Yorkie Mom Adorably Plays With Her Puppy The adorable photo of Happy Yorkie mom adorably playing with her puppies is enough to melt anyone's heart. This mom is so happy with her newborn pups, they're even cooing! The cute photo was captured by a professional photographer, and the caption is so adorable, too. We're so glad we got to see it. You won't believe how much they enjoy playing together! While we all love our furry friends, it's also important to recognize that some puppies are more adorable than others. And a good mom's instinct is to protect her babies. After all, she doesn't want her puppies to be abandoned. Luckily, Yorkie puppies are known for their sociable personalities and are perfect for children and families. In fact, you might even be able to earn some extra money by fostering your own puppies! After eight to 12 weeks, Yorkie puppies are no longer considered newborns. They can leave the house and play with their littermates, but they should stay with their mothers until they are physically ready. Puppies need warmth and company from their mothers, so premature separation could cause them to develop anxiety and lose their appetite. Besides, premature separation could increase the likelihood of them contracting disease, which isn't at all cruel. Female Yorkie pups should not be bred before they reach their first heat cycle. Although male Yorkies can mate several times a year, females need time to recover from their pregnancy. The breeder should rest the female for at least a year after her first heat cycle. Breeding prematurely increases the chances of problems affecting the pups and the mother. It's best to let the female Yorkie mate when she reaches her second heat cycle.

Funny parrot wants to kiss a Yorkshire Terrier.
  • 28.04.2022
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Funny Parrot Wants to Kiss a Yorkshire Terrier You might be wondering how a parrot can make a pet Yorkshire Terrier want to kiss him back. Well, Joanna Mason managed to make the impossible possible by getting her beloved bird to mimic several phrases and tunes. These parrots are great at imitating the sound of a van reversing, cartoon endings, and other everyday events. It was no wonder then that they were nicknamed the tomboy toy. Moreover, the Yorkshire Terrier is known for its therapy work.

Cutenes yokie baby crying
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How to Soothe Your Cute Yorkie Baby's Crying Whenever you hear your adorable yorkie baby cry, don't be alarmed. It sounds just like a baby crying. It begins with the words "wwwwww" and ends with "ww." If you've never heard a Yorkie cry, it's definitely worth listening to. Here are some tips to soothe your baby's crying. Read on to find out more.

Yorkshire vs Black Racer Snake
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Yorkshire Vs Black Racer Snake Comparison A Yorkshire vs Black Racer Snake comparison is always interesting. Which one is the better snake for your home? Read on to learn more. Black racer snakes can range from southern Maine to Florida's keys. They are generalists, spending their days in the edges of their habitats or hiding among vegetation. The black racer snake is not as aggressive as the Yorkshire. However, it will stand its ground when threatened. A black racer hatchling does not have all black scales, but has red, gray, and yellow spots. These spots are meant to fool predators into thinking the snake is venous. A black racer doesn't get its full black scales until it is about 30 inches long. They have been known to oviposit communally. Fortunately, they are both a safe bet for beginners. A black rat snake's appearance is remarkably similar to that of a Yorkshire. While both snakes are venomous, they differ significantly in the way they look and behave. In general, black rat snakes are larger than black racers. Their average length is four feet, but some can reach 8 feet. They both live in bushes and trees. If you're curious about which one is a better snake for you, check out our Yorkshire vs Black Racer Snake comparison.

Teen Fights Hawk That Tried to Take Yorkie Pup.What a brave yorkie.
  • 26.04.2022
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Teen Fights Hawk That Tried to Take Yorkie Pup The video of the fight between the teen and the hawk that tries to steal the Yorkie puppy is amazing. The young girl, Cecilia Celis, tries to save her pet by swinging a cushion from an outdoor chair at the hawk. Eventually, the hawk drops LuLu after several blows from Cecilia and the cushion. The hawk's talons rip a hole in the dog's neck. In a viral video, a teenager named Celis fought a hawk that tried to steal her Yorkie pup. She caught the bird on surveillance video and swatted it with the pillow. The hawk fled but not before Lulu was saved. The dog, Lulu, was taken to the vet immediately after the attack and is expected to make a full recovery. The video also shows a labrador named Dakota, who rescued a 7-lb Yorkie from a hawk. Dakota was the owner of the pup, and when the hawk tried to take Cory, Dakota suddenly barked and ran away into the woods. The teen is now a hero.

Home Alone Yorkie-Poo
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